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Marketing and Sales Smart, Practical Strategy and Action to Boost Your Sales

Our approach to Sales and Marketing is all about implementing focused activities to drive measurable and clear results.  We can work with you to develop and implement marketing and sales projects that provide you with a clear return on investment. 

We can work with you to address the building blocks of sales in the organisation to ensure that long-term, quality change occurs. We can look at things such as:

  • Analysis of product / service offerings
  • Analysis of current customers and accounts
  • Analysis of existing pipeline and opportunity qualification
  • Develop and understand networking and lead generation
  • Analysis of customer systems / CRM

Improving Marketing and Sales Processes and Systems

We can look at practical ways to improve or establish marketing and sales activities – and our focus will be on campaigns that will bring tangible results (what SME’s need). This could include:

  • Implementation of Lead Generation processes
  • Improvement of collateral and product positioning
  • Development of action plans around product champions, partners and channels
  • Development and execution of Partner and Channel Strategy
  • CRM establishment / improvement
  • Focused sales campaigns with clear strategy and objectives

Helping Sales Teams, Business Owners, and Managers

Our Sales Mentoring services are done with a focus on developing new revenue streams for your business, helping you focus on high benefit activities as an entrepreneur, developing rigour and maturity around your approach to sales, and gearing your organisation with the right tools and systems to make profit.

To be successful, professional salespeople and entrepreneurs need to collaborate and have someone to bounce around ideas with – they also need to put in place a framework that makes them accountable to their goals. This will often not be found within your immediate circle of friends or colleagues – so this is where we come in with our coaching services. Our approach is to set realistic goals, help you work through barriers, handle difficult negotiations, brainstorm great ideas, and generally get you where you want to go.

Practical Marketing Solutions and Advice

We’re a bit sick of the slick spiel that is so prevalent in business today – especially in the online space.  We are not brand or PR experts – our sales and marketing is focused and practical and we will look to deliver results.  We can take our practical experience on both online and traditional domains and map out clear ways for you and your business to prosper.

The marketing services we provide include:

  • Development of marketing plans and strategy
  • Development of communication plans – both online and traditional
  • Development of Digital Strategy
  • Development of social media strategy
  • Implementation of marketing automation processes
  • Development and execution of focused marketing campaigns
  • Channel and partner marketing
  • Pricing strategies